Get Credit for Working by taking Work Experience courses WEXP 251 or 252.*

What is Work Experience?

  • A course for students to earn college credit for learning while on the job. Two courses, WEXP 251 & 252, make up the Cooperative Work Experience Program.  

What is the Purpose of Work Experience?

  • To increase and/or improve skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors in the workplace.

Key Facts:

  • Students must have a job, internship, or volunteer position during the course.
  • Students may enroll in only one work experience course each semester tied to one job.
  • No weekly classes to attend. The student's "classroom" is at work.
  • Students are able to earn college credits (CSU transferable) for the average number of hours worked each week.
  • These work hours equate to the number of units that can be earned.
  • All class information, assignments, forms, and due dates are found on Canvas.

Benefits of Participation:

  • Good for the student and for the employer!
  • Improves/increases workplace skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors.
  • Increases job satisfaction, enthusiasm and motivation.
  • Improves communication and relationships in the workplace.
* All WEXP courses other than WEXP 251 and 252 are classroom-based courses (not on-the-job) and are handled separately from the Work Experience Program. 
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