ALUMNI ASSOCIATION fosters continuing college relationships with former students and generates support for Cuesta College through scholarships and gifts. Open to all graduates, college employees, former students and friends of the college, the association supports the annual Honored Alumni awards, and maintains contact with regular communications. Join the alumni association today!

AMBASSADOR PROGRAM offers unique opportunities for Board members who want “up close and personal” contact with faculty and students. Ambassadors partner with academic divisions to expand opportunities in resource development for educational programs and services. It means grassroots interaction among Foundation board members and college faculty in a forum for informed interaction and meaningful results.

ART GALLERY COUNCIL (AGC) shall continue to build the visibility, stature and prominence of the Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery by seeking community partnerships and support for gallery programs. AGC will allow for engaged interaction between the community and the college’s gallery program and expand opportunities for resource development and fundraising. Learn more about the Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery here. 

BOOSTER CLUB assists the college, Associated Students of Cuesta College and the Athletic Department in promoting athletic programs and to recognize excellence in scholarships through an awards program. Members serve as advocates for all athletic programs and assist with opportunities for resource development and fundraising for the Booster Club.   

BUSINESS PARTNERS program is open to CEOs and senior executives throughout San Luis Obispo County. Established in 1995, Business Partners promotes two-way communication between Cuesta College and the San Luis Obispo County business community, enabling the college to better serve the educational and training needs of local employers and employees. The program enriches and enhances the college’s role in local economic development by involving business leaders in innovative partnerships for education. Learn more about becoming a business partner here.

STUDENT AMBASSADORS is a program created by the Cuesta College Foundation Board of Directors. Ambassadors serve as representatives of Cuesta College and assist with increasing communication and visibility in the community. Student Ambassadors are enrolled full-time at Cuesta College and serve as knowledgeable representatives who provide information and services to the community about and for the College. The Student Ambassador Program is a ten-month program that offers monthly leadership training and opportunities for participants to learn about the California Community Colleges and to become ongoing advocates for Cuesta College. Contact the Foundation Office for more information at or call (805) 546-3279

FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY assists and supports the Cuesta College Library in serving students, faculty and the community. Its President is an ex-officio member of the Foundation Board of Directors, and invites board member participation in achieving the goals of the Friends of the Library. Learn more about the Friends of the Library here.

CULTURAL AND PERFORMING ARTS COUNCIL (CPACC) The mission of the CPACC is to bring increased visibility, stature and prominence to the CPAC. Members will serve as advocates for the center and assist in fostering meaningful long term relationships within the community, resulting in increased support for CPAC to succeed and thrive. The program allows for informed interaction between the community and the college’s performing arts faculty and staff, and expands opportunities for resource development and fundraising for the center and its programs and services. Learn more about the CPACC here.