Welcome to the Cuesta College Children's Center Programs

We are an integral part of the college's Early Childhood Education degree. Our programs are here for two purposes - to serve as hands on educational laboratory for the students enrolled in the college's Early Childhood Education program, and to provide an early learning program for young children ages 18 months to 5 years of age.

Our Core Philosophy: We believe play is the greatest avenue for learning in early education.

The sense of wonder, discovery, curiosity, inventiveness and spontaneous energy of young children are sources from which a lifetime of learning should develop. The opportunity to participate in creative play is the highlight of the early years and our objective is to provide as many of these learning experiences as possible. We believe that all children, regardless of ability, ethnic background, race, religious belief, parent income, or family lifestyle deserve to have creative environments that inspire the wonder of learning at all levels.

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San Luis Obispo: 
P.O. Box 8106, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-8106
(PH) 805-546-3285 (FX) 805-546-3280


Toddler - 805-546-3100 X 2641

Preschool 1 - 805-546-3100 X 2640 

Preschool 2 - 805-546-3100 X 2639

North County Campus
2800 Buena Vista Drive, Paso Robles, CA 93449 
(PH) 805-591-6292  (FX) 805-546-2695


Toddler - 805-591-6200 X6291

Preschool - 805-596200 X 6292