Cuesta College transfers more students to Cal Poly than any other community college, providing approximately one quarter of Cal Poly’s incoming transfer class each year. Cal Poly’s admission standards have become increasingly selective in recent years, however Cuesta’s acceptance rates have remained significantly higher than the statewide average.

Term Cuesta Acceptance Rate Transfer Average
Fall 2022 55% 19%
Fall 2021 50% 18%
Fall 2020 52% 19%
Fall 2019 36% 14%
Fall 2018 36% 15%
Fall 2017 47% 21%
Fall 2016 47% 19%
Fall 2015 47% 19%
Fall 2014 39% 17%
Fall 2013 51% 24%
Fall 2012 36% 19%
Fall 2011 37% 22%
Fall 2010 24% 11%
Fall 2009 34% 20%
Fall 2008 52% 29%
Fall 2007 62% 29%

A few reasons explain why Cuesta students do so well in the Cal poly selection process:

  1. Cuesta students are highly motivated and many are focused on transferring to Cal Poly SLO so they prepare themselves very well.
  2. Cuesta has more comprehensive course articulation with Cal Poly than most other community colleges, especially in majors such as Architecture and Engineering where students can complete all of the required/desired courses for admission.
  3. Our counselors are kept up-to-date on the transfer selection process and the Cal Poly admission point system so they advise our students effectively.

Check out the Cal Poly Transfer Selection Criteria. There you’ll find a more detailed picture of what a particular major is looking for in an applicant. Also, visit for course equivalency information from the community colleges to the UCs or CSUs.