Launched at a public event on October 5, 2023, UnitED Central Coast is a collaborative effort between Allan Hancock College and Cuesta College to share information about how the colleges will meet local workforce needs with two four-year degrees (one at each college) to be offered under the California Community College baccalaureate program.

The Central Coast is a higher education desert. With no affordable and accessible state universities in our region, students are forced to choose whether to prioritize family obligations over education or obtain the funding to uproot and move far from home to complete a bachelor’s degree. Efforts to create a sustainable baccalaureate program in our area have languished for too long. Our local businesses and our neighbors should have the same access to an affordable four-year degree as most Californians do in other parts of the state. Since 2017, community colleges across the state have successfully launched baccalaureate programs to fill local education gaps.

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