Parking permits must be properly displayed on all vehicles parked on the SLO and NCC campuses. It is the responsibility of the driver to properly and clearly display a valid parking permit on the vehicle. By purchasing and/or having possession of a parking permit does not authorize parking on campus property; the parking permit must be clearly and properly displayed.  

Parking Permit Fees

To get a Semester parking permit, please click on your affiliation to Cuesta College below. 

Each affiliation has detailed information on how to get a semester permit and the Vehicle Registration form. 

Semester parking permits must be properly displayed in one of the following methods:

    • Affixed inside the lower right corner of front windshield (passenger side). 
    • Permit attached to a plastic hanger and suspended from the rearview mirror, permit facing forward. (Plastic hangers can be purchased for $2 at Campus Police or Cashier's office)
    • Motorcycle/moped permits must be displayed on the front forks or cowling.

Daily parking permits must be placed on the dashboard in clear view with purchase date side up.

In order to provide safe parking for students, staff and visitors, we ask that you please be aware of the Rules and Regulations

State law and the California Education code regulates college and university parking programs.  The San Luis Obispo County Community College District Board of Trustees has established Rules and Regulations to control traffic and parking safety on the college campus as prescribed under Section 21113 of the California Vehicle Code. 

The program of "pay for parking" on campus is based on the concept that parking facilities must be paid for by the user. Money collected for parking permits reimburses the college for the cost of operating and managing parking facilities. Enforcement of the parking regulations is the responsibility of the Cuesta College Police Department.

If you have any questions regarding parking permits, please call the Cuesta College Police Department at 805-546-3205 or email us at