How to Access Virtual Tutoring

  • Have your student ID number ready to be checked in/out of tutoring.
  • Login to Canvas and click on the Student Success Center 
  • Inside the Student Success Center course click on "READY TO GO?"
  • A host will greet you, ask for your student Id number and subject you need help in and place you in a virtual room with a tutor.
  • Once your session is complete you will return to the lobby to be checked out with your Student Id number.   







How to Access Technical Support

If you are having difficulty accessing the Student Success Center in Canvas submit a ticket to If you are having technical difficulty accessing  Zoom on your device, contact Zoom technical support or you can contact the library to check out a free Chromebook for the semester. 

Library-San Luis Obispo:
Phone: (805) 546-3155

Library-North County:
Phone: (805) 591-6211 

Virtual Library Help

Chat or Zoom with a librarian. Get help with locating scholarly sources, credible websites and streaming videos.  Find free sources for your research paper, speech or project. Plus learn how to properly cite what you used.

Ask a Librarian
Library Zoom Schedule