Semester Calendars

Deadline dates included apply to full-term courses only. Please consult the deadline dates for short-term courses located in the online schedule of classes.

Priority Registration Groups and Dates

Cuesta College uses the following registration priority system when determining registration priority. You are encouraged to register on your priority registration day and time to ensure you get the best possible course options available. You may make changes to your schedule anytime on or after their appointment date and time.

To view your specific registration appointment date and time, please log in to your myCuesta portal.

PRIORITY LIMITATIONS: Continuing/returning (sat out a term) students will lose their priority:

  • If they earn 100/+ degree applicable credits at Cuesta College, excludes Foster Youth - See Priority 6.
  • If on two consecutive terms of probation status under Academic Standing policies, excludes Foster Youth - See Priority 6.
  • If a comprehensive student education plan (CSEP) is not completed before reaching 15 credits completed - See Priority 6.

Special Categorial Registration: Priority 1 and 2

New, Transfer, and Returning (sat out a term) students must complete orientation and an abbreviated SEP or are placed in Priority 6. Continuing students must complete Comprehensive SEP prior to completing 15 credits at Cuesta or are placed in Priority 6.

Exempt students, with an AA/AS degree or higher, must also complete all activities to qualify for early priority to register.
Excludes Dual Enrollment/Enrichment Students - See Priority 7.

Continuing Student Registration: Priority 3

A continuing student is one who is enrolled after the second week of, or received a grade, in the previous Spring 2023 term. Excludes Dual Enrollment/Enrichment Students - See Priority 7.

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Registration Priority 4, 5, 6, and 7