Program Courses

(Courses will vary upon semester & location)

Adapted Exercise: Designed for the maintenance of the physical and mental well-being of the body, this course is geared toward increasing strength, range of motion/flexibility, balance, agility, eye/hand coordination, enhancing the circulatory system and increasing the mental alertness of the older adult. (ECOL 470)

Art History: Discover the different aspects and periods of art throughout history as well as art appreciation. (ECOL 425)

Art Exploration: This course encourages art appreciation, self-expression and creativity in a variety of art media. Projects give students experience with different traditional artistic methods and artistic design techniques, tools and materials. (ECOL 434)

Brain Longevity: Examine brain longevity; including prevention and reversing memory loss through diet and physical/mental exercise. Discuss causes and treatments of Alzheimer's disease and psychological approaches to memory preservation. (ECOL 412)

Composing Your Life Story: Learn the process of ordering and chronologically developing a personal history; including introductory genealogical research and preservation of family historical materials. (ECOL 406)

Computer Basics: This course introduces computer basics including machine functions, keyboard use, fundamental word processing, email and web browsing. (ECOL 439)

Creative Cooking: Presents healthy food and cooking choices that maintain optimum health for active older adults. Students learn basic concepts of nutrition as well as how to prepare tasty, flavorful, and nutritious meals based on those concepts, using fresh food from local markets. (ECOL 427)

Creative Writing: Introduces the writing of creative nonfiction, plays, poetry, or short fiction. Students read and discuss published writing and workshop their own writing. (ECOL 411)

Drawing: Master the basic skills of drawing with an opportunity to experience the use of pen and ink, charcoal, and conte crayon. (ECOL 414)

Film Appreciation: Study major films to consider historical context, dramatic issues, artistic and technical objectives, and the process and elements of filmmaking. (ECOL 428)

Fun with Food: Food preparation topics and activities that promote physical and mental well-being. (ECOL 473)

History, Travel & Current Events: Share your experience as this class weaves past and present history and travel adventures into discovery, reflection and lively discussion. Topic is part of the Senior Seminar course. (ECOL 433)

Music Arts: This course encourages appreciation of music from different time periods and genres. Through active participation in discussions, musical reminiscence, sing-along and rhythmic activities, the older adult student will be exposed to a variety of music. (ECOL 471)

Photography: Explore camera choices, in particular digital cameras. Study camera use and photo quality; including setting, composition and light, downloading, storing and sharing images; and documenting life events and travel. (ECOL 429)

Watercolor Art: Study the fundamentals of watercolor-the basics of planning and preparation, color mixing and theory, design and composition, and perspective are covered. Practice painting techniques individually and learn to critique work created in class. (ECOL 423)

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