San Luis Obispo Campus

Building 8100

(805) 546-3108 • fax (805) 546-3921

Hours: Monday - Thursday, 8:00am-5:00pm

(Summer hours vary)

Marketing and Communications is responsible for the campus-wide branding of the college, including marketing, social media, advertising and media relations efforts. The department is also responsible for the design and creation of collateral material for the district and the Foundation.

Marketing and Communications also strives to increase participation in college activities and business services, cultivate friendships and financial support, and promote understanding and legislative support for Cuesta College.

Marketing Needs/Requests?

Do you need some help marketing your program or department? Do you want to request a press release, photograph, video, or design project? See the contact information below. 

Press Releases

To view press releases, visit our archive page here. Don't see what you're looking for? Need help finding press releases about a specific time period or event? Contact Lauren Milbourne for assistance.


Contact our graphic designer for Cuesta logos. Print and web formats are available.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms that use Cuesta College's name, likeness, and logo need to be registered with the Marketing department. Read the Guidelines and How-To Handbook for setting up a Cuesta College social media account, and register using the Registration Form. Contact Ritchie Bermudez for assistance.


Media Relations Coordinator
(805) 546-3108

Ritchie Bermudez

Marketing Coordinator
(805) 546-3100 extension 2636

 Lana Rauch
Electronic Communications Designer/Coordinator
(805) 546-3923

Anthony Herrera
Graphic Designer
(805) 546-3100 extension 2420