Canvas basic computer specifications view the recommendations by Canvas

On campus have a limited supply of Chromebooks available for checkout from the Library/Open Lab and DSPS.


Browsers supported by Canvas; detailed list. 

Also, you must have a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering DSL, Cable or Satellite setup. Refer to your course welcome letter for any additional requirements.

Note: Canvas no longer supports Internet Explorer!! 

I need MicroSoft Office, is there a discount for students? You can use Office 365 for Free as a Cuesta College Student. Or you can purchase the desktop version for at a discount.

What about e-mail?

E-mail is provided to all students enrolled at Cuesta, accessible via myCuesta. Your e-mail address typically consists of your first name + an underscore (_) + your last name + "".

Example: ""

Information regarding student e-mail is sent by Admissions & Records to all enrolled students.

Note: The only email address your instructors have is your Cuesta address. If you wish to use another email address, you must forward your student e-mail to your personal e-mail address. Use the student  guide for accessing and forwarding your student email account. 

When does the class begin and end?

All Online education (DE) courses at Cuesta follow the same semester schedule as regular classroom-taught courses. In some cases a class may be an early or late start; please refer to the class finder for your class to verify the start date. The course welcome letter will list any required meeting days (if any) for your DE courses (if hybrid).

What if I don't finish the course at semester end?

This would be no different than in a regular classroom-taught course. Contact your instructor and to determine the best plan.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Contact the course instructor, if you have questions about your courses.

Contact Admissions & Records, if you have questions about your enrollment, need to register, wish to order a transcript, etc.

Who do I contact if I can't log on? 

Always contact the course instructor first, when you have problems. If you are unable to reach the instructor or they are unable to help.  you may e-mail or phone tech support at

What if I have technical problems with Canvas?

Where can I get help with Canvas? Answers to many questions can be found on the Canvas Quick Reference, or search the Canvas Guides. Your instructor can also help you with common problems. The Canvas Guides offer the widest range of solutions for your Canvas questions. You can also receive help by Email or Call the 24 hour hotline at +1-877-921-7680. 


The instructor can't open the assignment I submitted! What do I do?

Ask the instructor their preferred format in which the document should be submitted (usually ,doc, .docx or .pdf; you can not submit a Mac Pages file), then use Save As to convert the document to that format:

Open the assignment in your word processing program. Select File > Save As. In the Save As window, select the Save As Type drop-down menu and pick the format preferred by your instructor.

(Note: You can also select "RTF" or "PDF," see next paragraph.) Save the file and then send it to your instructor. Another option is to save in a universal format. For example, save all word processing documents in RTF (rich text format) and all spreadsheets in CSV (comma separated values). And if the instructor only needs to view the document and not make changes, save as a PDF.

Why isn't my class showing up?

Your class will only appear on the date of the opening day of class ... unless your instructor has indicated otherwise. You might also wish to favorite your course so it always shows on your dashboard. Click Course > All Courses > scroll down to list of courses to find the course you wish to favorite > Click the hollow start to turn it orange. 

Why do I get a "Login or password" error message?

Verify the URL (web address) your browser is going to. If correct you may be entering the wrong password. The password is case sensitive; make sure your Caps Lock is not on. If you have forgotten your password, you can have your password reset by clicking the "Forgotten your username or password?" link. If you are still having issues, email

How do I pay for an online course?

Once enrolled, you may pay for courses by cash or check/money order in-person at the Cashier's Office on either the San Luis Obispo or North County campus, or you may pay online.