Two Cuesta College students earned the Frederick G. Novy History Award on May 19, 2016. This is the 25th year the Cuesta College recognition was awarded, honoring the college’s most promising history scholars.

The award recognizes and encourages history students who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in course work, exceptional research papers, grades and promise as history scholars. This year, each recipient received a certificate and cash award of nearly $600.

Kasia Crowley, a physics and science major, was selected for the award by Cuesta College history professor Mark Weber.

“She is just so great at participating in class, she always has questions, and really just right on target with her questions,” said Weber. “I have really appreciated having her in my class.”

“I think it’s essential to learn from the past to see where we’ve been so we can lead ourselves into the future a little more wisely,” said Crowley. “My interest in history as a scientist is to bring more critical thinking and logic into both politics and history, and seeing what we can do when we have a solid background in both of those areas.”

Studio art major Virginia Orr also received the Frederick G. Novy Award, and was described by her nominator and Cuesta College history professor Dr. Anthony Koeninger as “a fantastic student with a sterling work ethic.”

“I just really love history,” said Orr. “There are so many stories in history that are so fascinating.”

Dr. Novy, a Morro Bay dermatologist, was also awarded a recognition plaque from the college for honoring student excellence in the areas of humanities and history for the past 25 years.

“My minor was history, and I don’t think the social sciences and history are acknowledged enough,” said Dr. Novy of his continuous efforts to recognize history scholars. “I want to give credit where credit is due.”