Cuesta College, the City of San Luis Obispo, and Cal Poly were honored with the Larry W. Abernathy Award at the International Town and Gown Association (ITGA) Annual Conference recently in Chicago.

The Abernathy Award is given out annually to the city and university that best exemplify the mission of the ITGA: “strengthening town/gown partnerships.” In this case, an exception was made to recognize all three organizations for their collaborative roles in producing the San Luis Obispo Neighborhood Wellness/Community Civility Effort (Civility Report) and “Neighborhood Wellness 2.0,” the report identifying the progress made to date on each of the initiatives included in the civility report.

“This innovative project is something that I believe illustrates the uniqueness of our wonderful community,” said Cuesta College Superintendent/President Dr. Gil Stork. “We have engaged citizens, students, faculty and staff in working toward solutions. We’re honored to be a part of this effort."

“I am very proud of this team’s collaboration to produce and work through this report with the goal of increasing the quality of life for all city residents, including Cal Poly and Cuesta faculty, staff and students,” said Cal Poly President Jeffrey D. Armstrong. 

“City Council and staff are constantly working to be responsive to the needs of our long-term residents and students,” added San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx. “We were happy to collaborate with Cal Poly and Cuesta in this two-year project. It reflects the commitment of each institution’s leadership and staff to the community's health, safety and welfare and to promoting positive relationships among neighbors.

“We are honored that the city's teamwork with Cal Poly and Cuesta and city residents has been recognized by the ITGA and excited that our project may help guide other college communities in the constant effort to improve town-gown relationships.” 

The San Luis Obispo team was selected through a competitive process. The Clemson Joint City University Advisory Board, representing Clemson University and the City of Clemson South Carolina, sponsors this award. 


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