Cuesta College recently took action to support the California College Promise, a series of initiatives intended to increase access and affordability for community college students. The California College Promise was rolled out earlier this year in response to the America’s College Promise, President Barack Obama’s proposal calling for debt-free community college for qualifying students.

At the Cuesta College Board of Trustees meeting on April 13, the Board passed a resolution supporting California Assembly Bills 1721 and 1892; the bills call to reform Cal Grant programs as a part of the California College Promise. Currently, community college students receive less than 10 percent of the resources distributed by the Cal Grants program, despite comprising about two-thirds of the higher education population in the State.

“The legislation would increase the award levels available to our students and make it easier for non-traditional students to qualify for these awards,” said Cuesta College Superintendent/President Dr. Gil Stork.

The Cuesta Promise Scholarship currently offers all newly graduated San Luis Obispo County high school students a fee-free first year at Cuesta College. The application for the 2016-17 academic year remains open through August 1. Promise Scholarship Workshops are being held in May and June on the San Luis Obispo Campus, North County Campus in Paso Robles and South County Center at Arroyo Grande High School.