Beginning in fall 2016, Cuesta College will offer six Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADTs) exclusively from its North County Campus located in Paso Robles. Although the college offers a total of 25 transfer degrees, this is the first set of ADTs available entirely on the North County Campus.

“In response to the needs of our North County residents, the college developed a two-year scheduled plan for six Associate Degrees for Transfer, which represents a clear pathway for students to earn a degree at the North County Campus and transfer to a CSU in two years,” said Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Deborah Wulff.

Cuesta College students who earn an Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer (AA-T) or Associate in Science Degree for Transfer (AS-T) are guaranteed admission with junior standing into the Cal State University system. Although a transfer degree does not guarantee admission to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Cuesta College consistently transfers more students to Cal Poly than any other college, providing approximately one quarter of the university’s enrolled transfer students each year.

The ADTs being offered exclusively on the North County Campus are:


Administration of Justice (Evening Program)

The Criminal Justice Program studies the activities and operations of law enforcement agencies, the courts and correctional agencies, preparing students for careers serving the public and safeguarding constitutional rights.


Agriculture Business

The AS-T in Agriculture Business is designed for students wanting in-depth knowledge of the core agriculture business fundamentals emphasizing chemistry, accounting, economics, sales, and computer applications as they apply to agriculture businesses.


Business Administration

A degree in Business Administration encompasses a broad spectrum of accounting, law, economics, global trade, financial markets, computer information systems, business communications and marketing.


Communication Studies

The Communication Studies program compels students to explore the communication theories, strategies, and skills needed to succeed in our complex and diverse world.



The AA-T in Psychology allows students to examine psychological processes from multiple perspectives and apply psychological principles and methods to personal and social issues in ways that promote self-understanding, personal development and effective interpersonal relationships as members of a diverse society.



A degree in Sociology includes the study of human behavior in social context, an in-depth look at the social world, and an awareness of ways to achieve desired social ends.


The fall semester begins August 15; general registration is now open. Fall semester courses can be found by visiting and clicking Find Classes. For a full list of Cuesta College’s ADTs, click here. For more information on the North County Campus, visit or call (805) 591-6200.

The Cuesta College Transfer Center is located in room 3131 on the San Luis Obispo Campus and provides multiple services to ensure students are adequately prepared to meet their goals. For more information on the Transfer Center, please call (805) 546-3162.