As Cuesta College continues to improve its Paso Robles campus through Measure L bond funds, a months-long project to improve and expand parking lot access to the new North County Campus Center is set to begin in May and culminate before the beginning of the fall 2017 semester.

“The new Campus Center will be the front door to the North County Campus; the construction we are doing on parking lot 11 will help position the structure as that front door,” said Cuesta College Facilities Services, Planning, and Capitol Projects Director Terry Reece. “The campus is transforming in such a way that visitors will intuitively sense that the Campus Center is the place to go when they first arrive on campus.”

The North County Campus parking lot 11 construction will roll out in the following two phases:

Phase One

Phase 1

What: Parking Lot 11 Entrance Closure

Where: West entrance to parking lot 11

When: May 8 - May 19 

Impact: For the duration of the construction, visitors will access parking lot 11 from the east entrance only. This phase does not impact pedestrian pathways.

Phase Two

Parking Lot Construction

What: Parking Lot 11 Construction

Where: West end of parking lot 11

When: May 22 - August 11 

Impact: For the duration of the construction, visitors will access parking lot 11 from the east entrance only. The pedestrian pathway will be re-routed from parking lot 10 to the city sidewalk along Dallons Drive and through parking lot 11 toward the Fox Building (N2400). Pedestrians can access the Children’s Center (N4022/N4036) from parking lot 11 either through the Fox Building (N2400), or around the east end of the Fox Building.

Located on the Paso Robles Campus, the 43,000 square foot, two-story North County Campus Center will house programs and offices displaced by the removal of modular structures. Located in the northeast portion of campus, the new structure will include student services like admissions and records, counseling, financial aid, student life and leadership, health center, bookstore and the cafeteria. Construction began in spring 2016, is set to be complete in fall 2017, and open to the pubic in spring 2018.

For more information on Measure L, the $275M facilities bond passed by the voters of San Luis Obispo County in November 2014, please visit