On April 20, Cuesta College will host its first ever Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® event, localizing a national movement during the month of April to bring awareness to sexual assault and gender-based violence. Organized by Cuesta College students enrolled in spring 2017 Family Studies courses, participants are invited to don high heels and walk a mile through the campus from 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. in order to shed light on the prevalence of sexual assault among college students in particular.

“We want to make students aware that sexual assault can happen, and that the college and community offer many local resources to help them,” said Cuesta College Human Development Instructor Bailey Drechsler. “We are hoping faculty, staff, students and the public join us for this free event, which will provide a safe environment for both sexual assault survivors and supporters to raise awareness of an uncomfortable topic that affects all of us in the community.”

Event organizers have collaborated with RISE, the local non-profit organization that provides crisis intervention and treatment services to survivors of sexual assault. RISE representatives will offer event participants shoes in various sizes to march in at the kick-off site, located in the courtyard outside the SLO Campus cafeteria and bookstore. Event participants can also receive free information about both Cuesta College counseling and RISE services.

Registration is free at www.walkamileslo.org. Event sponsors include the Associate Students of Cuesta College, the Cuesta College Equity Action Committee, and the college’s Human Sexuality: Experience & Expression class (FMST 218) and The Development Patterns of Women class (FMST 215).