At their December 9, 2020 meeting, the San Luis Obispo County Community College District Board of Trustees voted to support the recommendation from the ad hoc committee of the Resolution Censure of Trustee Pete Sysak.

The ad hoc committee found that the social media posts shared by Trustee Pete Sysak violate the Trustee role. Specifically, the social media posts are counter to the following specific Board of Trustees Code of Ethics/Standards of Practice (BP 2715):

  • Each Board member will hold the educational welfare of the students of the District as their primary concern in all decisions and strive to meet the needs of all students;
  • Each Board member support the efforts of and protect college personnel in the proper performance of their duties;
  • The board is responsible for monitoring itself, ensuring adherence to state and federal laws and its own code of ethics

Before bringing the resolution to the full Board of Trustees, the ad hoc committee met seven times, reviewed multiple pieces of evidence including Trustee Sysak’s statement read at the Special Board Meeting held November 12, 2020. The committee also reviewed relevant Board Policies and Administrative Procedures and Resolution No. 21-10, No Place for Hate, Resolution of Respect.

The official SLOCCCD Resolution 20-20 Censure of Trustee Pete Sysak for Conduct Inconsistent with the Boards’ Code of Ethics/Standards of Practice can be found on the Board’s website.