SAN LUIS OBISPO – Cuesta College proudly announces that Aubrey Kuan Roderick, Dean of Instruction for Creative Arts, Humanities, & Communication, has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious Fulbright International Education Administrators Award.

“Dean Kuan Roderick’s Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award exemplifies Cuesta College’s dedication to promoting international understanding and collaboration on a global scale,” said Cuesta College Superintendent / President Dr. Jill Stearns.

The Fulbright International Education Administrators Seminars offer fully funded opportunities for U.S. higher education administrators to immerse themselves in diverse educational landscapes abroad, cultivate cross-cultural perspectives, and establish collaborative partnerships worldwide.

“I envision this experience as a catalyst for Cuesta College to engage in global educational initiatives actively, fostering knowledge exchange, and nurturing meaningful connections,” Kuan Roderick said.

Traveling to Taiwan from March 11-24, Kuan Roderick will meet with the country’s Ministry of Education, go on campus visits to 15 higher education institutions, and participate in immersive tours of Taiwan’s rich historical and cultural heritage.

“I am deeply honored to represent Cuesta College and return with valuable insights into Taiwan’s higher education system, cultural nuances, and culinary delights,” said Kuan Roderick. “I am also eager to showcase our institution’s exceptional work and explore collaborative opportunities that will enrich the learning and teaching experiences of our students and faculty.”

Kuan Roderick’s selection as one of only two administrators from a community college in the United States underscores her commitment to promoting community colleges’ unique role and value in higher education.

“My mission is to provide a clear understanding of what community colleges are all about and their integral role within our higher education system,” said Kuan Roderick. “I aim to spotlight the outstanding work of our Cuesta College faculty and establish connections with institutions interested in sending their faculty and students to experience the excellence of California’s community colleges.”

Since its establishment in 1946, the Fulbright Program has empowered more than 400,000 individuals – selected for their academic merit and leadership potential – to foster enduring connections, bridge cultural divides, and advance shared aspirations for global progress.