Need to Place an Order?

Fill out a general requisition. Click here to view the Electronic Requisitions Instructions.

Include a copy of your quote with your general requisition, if applicable. Click to view the Quote Requirement Threshold and Signatory Authority.

Requestor's copy of the Purchase Order will be sent to the Division Assistant.  The Purchase Order will include:  Purchase Order number, delivery date, and order confirmation, if available.

Staples and Office Solutions Orders

If you have any questions or need to set up a new user, email Purchasing.

Office Depot accepts returns within 30 days of purchase. After submitting a return, notify our Shipping/Receiving Department at ext. 3106 and send a copy of your return confirmation to Shipping/Receiving.

Need to Order a New Copier or Printer?

Contact the Purchasing Department for details.

Where's my Order?

Give us a call or email Purchasing with the vendor name, PO number, and expected delivery date. We will investigate your order.

Need to return merchandise?

To help keep track of merchandise being returned to the vendor, and to assure the proper department accounts receive credit, please print and follow the instructions on the RMN Form for all purchases except Staples and Office Solutions.