Work Order Form Link

We now have two ways to send a work order to Reprographics. You can try our Web-based Work Order Form or you can fill out a work order form at the Reprographics Department. We have tried to make our work order as easy as possible to fill out. Here are some things to remember before turning in a work order.

1. Please keep the pink copy of all work orders turned in. If you are trying to track down a work order, providing us with your pink copy will allow us to track your order down faster. If you have your pink copy we will look for your job as soon as possible. If you do not have your pink copy, you may have to wait until we have time to look for your work order (usually within a few hours).

2. Double check all work orders. Due to the large volume of work that we copy daily, we do not have time to call you if we find a mistake on your work order. That's why it's very important to double check your work order before turning it in. If we do find a mistake, your work order will be returned to your department which will cause a delay in the completion of your work order.

*** Always check your work order before turning it in and remember to keep the pink copy.