Meet Your Success Team

Your Student Success Team is a network of people who are available to help you with your academic, career, and personal goals. Some of these individuals include Counselors, Enrollment Success Specialists, Financial Aid Specialists, Guided Pathways Coordinators, and Instructors. 


Counselors are available to answer your academic, career, and personal questions and help you develop an educational plan.

Make an appointment with a Counselor: Counseling 

Enrollment Success Specialists 

Enrollment Success Specialists are available to answer general questions about student success programs and help you troubleshoot problems with course registration.

Meet with an Enrollment Success Specialist: Admissions & Registration 

Financial Aid Specialists 

Financial Aid Specialists are available to answer questions about the types of aid and help you with your application for financial aid.

Connect with a Financial Aid Specialist: Financial Aid

Guided Pathways Coordinators 

Guided Pathways Coordinators are available to help you adjust to college and connect you with support and resources.

Meet with a Guided Pathways Coordinator


Instructors are available to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in your academic courses.