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*Some options require fees or registration.  Please reach out to the Faculty Professional Development Committee or Student Equity for funding support.

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  • Flex workshops that are student equity focused will be indicated as such in the Flex Brochure.

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If you're looking for more meaningful human connections in your online courses and are committed to closing equity gaps, please consider participating in this professional development program offered by CVC/@ONE, Fall into Humanized Online Teaching: A Pathway to Equity. 

Through a series of eight live sessions, including presentations by Dr. Claude Steele, researcher of stereotype threat, and Dr. Mays Imad, expert in trauma-informed teaching, you will hone your digital fluency and apply equity-minded educational research to your online courses as you develop eight humanized online teaching elements. You will be more prepared to design and teach inclusive online classes that serve the needs of diverse students, value difference as an asset, and leverage human presence to foster belonging, self-efficacy, and growth mindset in the online environment.

By the end, you will experiment with emerging video technologies and create:

  • Liquid syllabus with Google Sites
  • Humanized course card
  • Humanized homepage with Canva
  • "Getting to know you" survey
  • Self-affirming ice breaker with Flipgrid or VoiceThread
  • Wisdom Wall with Flipgrid or VoiceThread
  • Bumper video with Adobe Spark, Canvas Studio or Screencast-o-matic
  • Microlecture with Adobe Spark, Canvas Studio or Screencast-o-matic

You may attend a la carte for free or earn a digital badge for $150 (continuing education credit available for an additional fee).

The series begins on September 10th. Register now!

The Beloved Community Dialogue Series is continuing for 2021.  We are an existing group of faculty and staff inviting you to join us in our exploration of building our personal and collective racial literacy. 

Beloved Community Intentions:

  • To co-create a space to name and process our personal and interpersonal racialized perceptions and behaviors
  • To practice co-creating a brave space that supports each other engage in uncomfortable conversations around race/racism and social justice efforts
  • To lovingly and with humility exchange feedback between each other regarding [unintentional/intentional] perceived experiences of othering/racialized over-steps which may occur within our dialogue

For more information, contact Bailey Drechsler (bdrechsl@cuesta.edu)

Grading for Equity Webinar Series

Join CAP for a series of four interactive webinars focused on the theory and practice of equitable grading.

Cost $60 + $5.28 Eventbrite Fee
Workshops: Sept 10, Sept 24, Oct 8, and Nov 5 (2:00-4:00pm)

Register now!

In this series of four interactive workshops, Joe Feldman, career educator and author of the book Grading for Equity, and Dr. Shantha Smith will help community college faculty

  • Build an awareness of the history and impact of traditional grading
  • Provide a framework for equitable grading focused on accurate, bias-resistant, and motivational practices
  • Share concrete equitable grading practices
  • Provide opportunities for participants to share their experiences using the practices
  • Explore the challenges and possibilities of implementing more equitable grading practices

Workshop Dates:

Because the workshops in this series build upon one another, attendees are expected to attend all four sessions. 

All workshops will be held on Friday afternoons from 2:00-4:00 pm.

  • September 10: This foundational session will provide a brief overview of the history of traditional grading and how the use of those practices can negatively impact teaching and learning, raise stress, and perpetuate disparities. The presenters will then share a framework grading for equity, with a focus on accuracy in grading.
  • September 24: This session will focus on practices for bias-resistant grading. 
  • October 8: This session will focus on grading practices that build motivation. 
  • November 5: This final session will focus on putting it all together and will include time for faculty to share their experiences with trying the practices.

Cost for the workshop series is $60 (+$5.28 Eventbrite fee)

Register Now!

California Community Colleges Racial Equity Leadership Alliance

Cuesta College, along with over 60 other community colleges, is part of the CA Community College Equity Leadership Alliance working towards racial equity through monthly professional development eConvenings. These high-quality professional learning experiences were held virtually throughout the 20-21 academic year. Each focused on one specific topic – see an abbreviated list below in Table 1. Four-hour learning modules were delivered by experts who teach in the USC Equity Institutes. These instructors are well respected leaders of national higher education associations, highly-cited professors who study race relations and people of color, chief diversity officers and other experienced administrators, and specialists from the USC Race and Equity Center. eConvening modules focused mostly on strategies and practical approaches. Instructors used contemporary cases of equity dilemmas and racial crises on community college campuses. Emphasis was placed on learning from sagas that have recently occurred elsewhere; learning how to get ahead of situations and reducing risk of crisis; and learning actionable equity leadership strategies. Participants learned about evolving trends pertaining to diverse community college students and employees. 

Alliance member colleges also participate in a trio of campus climate surveys on a three-year rotational basis – the student survey in year one, the faculty survey in year two, and the staff survey in the third membership year. 

Table 1: List of eConvening Topics

  • Engaging in Productive Conversations About Race
  • Fostering and Sustaining Inclusive Classrooms for Students of Color
  • Understanding and Addressing Implicit Bias
  • Understanding and Confronting Anti-Black Racism
  • Meaningfully Integrating Race Across the Curriculum
  • Confronting Explicit Acts of Racism and Racial Violence on Campus
  • Recruiting and Hiring Faculty of Color
  • Equity-Minded Student Support Services
  • Implementing AB 705 and Other Legislation in Equitable Ways
  • Recruiting and Strategically Diversifying Staff at All Levels
  • Accountability and Incentives for Advancing Racial Equity
  • Creating Equitable Pathways to Leadership Roles for Employees of Color
  • Opposing the Erasure of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Native
  • Americans 

Access to Alliance online trainings available for Cuesta employees only.  Access link coming soon.  Contact Mylea Christensen for more info

Introduction to the Pathways to Equity Learning Series 

Please join us for a series of webinars in the Pathways to Equity Learning Series, with monthly sessions taking place until Spring 2022 and leading to the Pathways to Equity Conference. This webinar will include a general introduction, an executive overview, a timeline for Pathways to Equity and an introduction of the rest of the series. All California community college staff and their affiliates are welcome to attend.

Save the Date for the Next Webinar:

September 28, 2021, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Contact: Conferences@foundationccc.org for registration info.

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