Student Position Roles and Responsibilities

Lead Costumer:

Lead Costumer will oversee the costume shop, construction, and stock inventory for all Cuesta College Theatre productions. Assist with new costume builds, maintain costume inventory, aid with costume repairs, understudy costumes and replacement costumes. Stay within costume budgets. Monitor safe operation of equipment.

Under the supervision of the Costume Designer or Faculty he/she will assist with the draping, patterning and cutting for all Cuesta College Theatre productions. Aid in the construction of costumes. Interpret costume design sketches. Fit purchased garments, patterned costumes and alter patterns as necessary. Determine materials list, garment construction procedures and labor hours.


  1. Work with Production Manager and guest designers to ensure that all show builds are completed on schedule, on budget and within Cuesta College Theatre guidelines and expectations.
  2. Attend production and design meetings. Work with costume designers to realize designs on time and within approved budgets. Assist production and design team to creatively problem-solve technical challenges.
  3. Assist Costume Designer or Design Assistant with sourcing fabrics, trims and notions and advising on costume construction technique. Create mock-ups (or supervise staff in creation of mock-ups) of costumes from designer sketches and notes. Oversee production, quality standards and design aesthetics of all costumes.
  4. Develop and plan build schedule for shows and maintenance. Establish and communicate weekly and daily goals for builds.
  5. Demonstrate an advanced understanding of costume construction, fabric response and performer mobility needs.
  6. Demonstrate proficient hand and machine sewing skills.
  7. Sew costumes and make repairs.
  8. Conduct all performer costume fittings with designers as available. Ensure that appropriate notes and photographs to execute all pattern, design and fit corrections are recorded. Ensure that all costume fittings are running on time. Work with Stage Manager and Production Manager to coordinate fitting schedules.
  9. Assist in the fitting and alteration of ready-to-wear items
  10. Create mock-ups (muslins) of costumes from designer sketches and notes and advising on costume construction technique. Proactively pose questions that may not have been covered (closures, linings, etc).
  11. Execute all design and fit corrections for first and final fabric fittings and second fittings as required.
  12. Oversee the set-up, running, maintenance, repair and strike of costumes for all performances and tech rehearsals.
  13. Communicate with other production departments, designers, stage managers, and other guest artists to ensure the safe and effective implementation of all costume elements.
  14. Ensures Costume Shop Supplies and Inventory Stock are maintained and all equipment is in good working order. Recommend capital purchases and shop improvements.
  15. Maintain accurate notes list and their completion. Accurately archive all design and construction information in bibles and on shared drive to be able to provide complete and up to date paperwork for all Cuesta College Theatre productions. Photograph and catalogue all pieces in storage. Coordinate needs from storage with Production co-workers.
  16. Participate in daily operations of Production Department, including arranging for rental of equipment for theater or studio, crewing for theater, studio or off-site events.

    Develop and supervise costume shop internship program in collaboration with Production Manager.
  17. Other duties as assigned, including special events and projects related to all Cuesta College Theatre activities.


  • At least 1 year of experience working in a costume construction studio
  • Candidate must be familiar with the maintenance and operation of costuming equipment and systems.
  • Candidate must have strong organizational skills.
  • Candidate must have strong computer skills.