Delta Dental Insurance

Cuesta College will be offering four dental plans starting January 1, 2016. Dental insurance is an optional coverage to add for benefit eligible employees and their families. This coverage has a two-year commitment to be on or off the plan.

Group Name: San Luis Obispo County Community College District (Cuesta College)
Dental Provider: Delta Dental PPO 
Plan Summaries
Plan A (Group Number 6736-0001): Plan Summary
Plan B (Group Number 6736-0003): Plan Summary
Plan C (Group Number 6736-01001): Plan Summary
Plan D (Group Number 6736-01003): Plan Summary


Benefit Highlights 

  • Employees have four plans to choose from. Please see the side-by-side dental options
  • If using a Delta Dental PPO Dentist the calendar year maximum increases by $200 per calendar year for each plan  
  • Two cleanings per calendar year. There is no 6-month waiting period between cleanings
  • Effective January 1, 2012, there is a two year enrollment commitment.  You will not be allowed to cancel coverage until you have been on the plan for two years.  If you do cancel coverage, you will not be allowed to re-enroll for two years. You must sign the two-year commitment form.

The most up-to-date list of dentists is available online at
* Use the "Find a Dentist" feature at the right side of the home page. For assistance on the Delta Dental website. 


Dental Claim Form

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