Cuesta College is pleased to offer a comprehensive benefit package to our eligible part-time faculty members. Please review the information below carefully and completely. 

Part-Time Faculty Benefit Eligibility

New part-time faculty may enroll, if eligible, during the first 30 days of the semester or at Open Enrollment. Part-time faculty can qualify in one of two ways:

  • Have a teaching assignment equal or greater than forty percent (40%) for the semester.
  • Maintain an average forty percent (40%) or greater teaching assignment over the previous two consecutive semesters.

HR will analyze the eligibility of all part-time faculty in the first week of each semester. Eligible faculty will be contacted. 

The insurance year for SISC medical insurance runs from October 1st to September 30th. The insurance year for Dental and Vision insurance runs from January 1st to December 31st. There will be one Open Enrollment period for all insurance coverage each year in August. Eligible part-time faculty who have previously declined coverage may enroll during Open Enrollment, or at the beginning of the semester if they gain eligibility. 

Medical, dental and vision coverage is available for spouses/domestic partners and dependent children (up to the age 26).


Faculty Insurance Rates and Fringe Information 

2023-2024 Rate and Fringe Sheet
2024-2025 Rate and Fringe Sheet

The fringe contribution is a District provided amount designed to offset the cost of health and welfare benefits for each qualified employee and their eligible dependents. Please see the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for more information on this contribution. 


Open Enrollment June 17 - August 16

The annual open enrollment period is now open. Part-time Faculty may elect to make changes to medical plans (effective 10/1/2024) or dental and vision (effective 1/1/2025).

Please use the forms available below to make plan changes or to add/remove a dependent. Completed forms must be recieved by Human Resources no later than 5:00 pm on Friday August 16, 2024. 

Submit forms via our secure dropbox at:

Health and Welfare Benefits Enrollment

Use the forms below to enroll in benefits during your initial eligibility period, open enrollment or when you experience a qualifying life event. Evidence of a qualifying life event is required. Submit completed forms and supporting documents to

Benefit Form
Medical, Dental, Vision
Use the plan selection form to enroll or make changes to your insurance coverage. If you wish to decline coverage please indicate on the form.  Plan Selection Form (required)

Enrolling in or making changes to your SISC medical coverage?

You may need to complete an additional form:

1. Employees newly enrolling in SISC medical must complete a SISC Enrollment Form

SISC Enrollment Form (REQUIRED, at first enrollment)
  2. Adding or removing a dependent requires a SISC Change Form SISC Change Form

Proof of relationship: 

When first enrolling any dependent in medical, dental and/or vision you must provide proof of relationship. See the checklist for more information on acceptable documentation.

Eligibility Documentation Checklist

403(b) + 457 accounts

After opening an eligible account, submit a Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) online to request paycheck deductions. 

Plan Documents and Information