If I don't have a permit, can I put a note on my dashboard?
Notes and receipts are not accepted in lieu of valid parking permits.  

I'm visiting on official business.  Do I need a permit?
Prior arrangements may be made through the sponsoring departments’ division assistant to obtain a visitors permit.   

I'm a student taking only one class and do not want to purchase a semester parking permit. What should I do? 
Daily permits can be purchased from the self-serve permit machines that are installed in most parking lots or from the Campus Police office on either campus.

I only need to be on campus for 10 minutes.  Should I purchase a daily permit? 
Students and visitors who plan to be on campus for 20 minutes or less may park in spaces marked "20-minute parking". No permit is required while parked in the 20-minute zone.  If you think your visit may take longer than 20 minutes, we suggest that you purchase a Daily parking permit for $4 and then proceed to park in a general parking space. Please note permit machines take cash (one dollar ($1) bills only). If larger bill denominations are inserted into the machine, it will not give change. Our machines do not take coins. Other acceptable payments include credit cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. 

I loaned my car to a friend and they were cited for parking in a staff space.  Am I responsible for the ticket?   
Cuesta College parking citations are forwarded to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if they are not paid within the 30-day time limit. The DMV will not allow you to register your vehicle until the citation is paid.

I lost my parking permit halfway through the semester.  Do I need to buy another permit at full price? 
Replacement permits are sold at the full permit price. 

I bought a semester/daily permit at the San Luis Obispo campus but I also have classes at the Paso Robles campus. Do I need a different permit for the Paso Robles campus?
All parking permits can be purchased at either the San Luis Obispo or the Paso Robles Campus. Both types of permits are valid on either campus regardless of which campus it was purchased.

I received a parking ticket but I disagree with the grounds on which it was given to me.  How do I dispute the citation? 
You may appeal a parking citation at any time within 30 days of the date of the violation by completing a citation appeal form and emailing it to, CCPD@cuesta.edu     (Cuesta College Police Department Citation Appeal Form)  

I have more than one vehicle that I drive to campus.  Do I have to pay full price for a second permit? 
Semester parking permits can be used on multiple vehicles as long as each vehicle is registered with the Campus Police. Please contact Campus Police so we can add the additional vehicle(s) to our records. 

I'm not sure where to place my parking permit.  How do I know where it goes?
Semester permits are to be visibly displayed on the inside lower right corner (passenger side) of the windshield or suspended from the rearview mirror with the permit facing towards the front of the vehicle. Motorcycle or mopeds must display permits on the front forks or cowling. Daily permits must be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle with the date clearly visible.

What happens to people who refuse to pay parking citations? 
Unpaid citations are reported to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The DMV will not allow vehicles to be registered with delinquent parking citations. Vehicles with five (5) or more unpaid campus parking citations may be booted or towed from campus property and stored at owners’ expense. A hold may be placed on transcripts, grades and registration for the college.

How do I get help if my car breaks down while on college property?
Please contact the Cuesta Police on either campus if you need assistance. 

If I drive an oversized vehicle, where can I park? 
It is recommended that oversized vehicles and buses park on the campus perimeter roadways to avoid a citation.

Where can I pay a parking citation?
Credit card payments can be made by calling the Cuesta College Police Department (805) 546-3205 or you can pay online at www.paymycite.com or by calling (888) 267-6523. 

By Mail to either address below: (Please do not mail cash.)
CUESTA COLLEGE POLICE DEPARTMENT                                     
P.O. BOX 8106                    
SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA  93403-8106
P.O. BOX 11923
SANTA ANA, CA  92711-1923