Walter Smith

Walter Smith, 1994
Walter Smith graduated from Cuesta College in 1982. He is a researcher for the government near Washington, D.C. He has published a number of articles for scholar journals and written a graphics software package which is used by thousands of scientists all over the world, aboard ships and aircrafts.



 Louis Owens
Louis Owens, 1993
Dr. Louis Owens graduated from Cuesta College in 1968. He taught for many years at prestigious universities in California and New Mexico. Owens has written hundreds of articles and reviews for periodicals and was named Writer of the Year from Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellersfor Mixedblood Messages in 1998 and he was awarded the American Book Award for Nightland in 1997.


Holly Lane
Holly Lane, 1992
Holly Lane graduated from Cuesta College in 1980. Lane is well known for her tableau painting and relief sculptures. San Jose, Santa Fe, Dallas, Chicago and New York City are among the cities where Lane has shown her work.



Grace Romero
Grace Romero, 1991
Grace Romero graduated from Cuesta College in 1983. Romero worked as a clinical pharmacist at Atascadero State Hospital. She has had many published works for the American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy and the American Journal of Psychiatry.




Lorenzo Dunn
Lorenzo Dunn, 1990
Lorenzo Dunn graduated from Cuesta College in 1978. Dunn worked for Hewlett Packard for nine years and then went on to work for Apple Computer as the manager of a Product Design group.



Morgan Burkett

Morgan Burkett, 1989

Morgan Burkett graduated from Cuesta College in 1968. Burkett established his own company in 1987 called Sterling Hotels Corporation. In 1989, Sterling Hotels managed ten hotels. Currently the company manages hotels all over the world.