The Cultural Performing Arts Center is a space that is utilized by a diverse population. This manual is designed to educate those using this center about the potential hazards that come with working in this space.


Table of Contents

 I. General Theater Safety Concerns (all technicians)

  1. Mental preparation
  2. Restricted use
  3. In case of injury
  4. Disclosure
  5. A clean clutter-free work environment
  6. Material Safety Data Sheets
  7. The many ways of injury
  8. Personal Safety Equipment
  9. Ladder Safety
  10. Fire Extinguishers

 II. Counterweight System (all technicians)

  1. Preparation
  2. Counterweight System - General operation
  3. Loading and Unloading the Counterweight System
  4. The Loaders
  5. The Operator
  6. Proper Hardware
  7. Runaways

III. Working at Height (all technicians)

  1. Catwalks and Pin rails
  2. Grids
  3. Loading Rail/ Bridge
  4. Box Booms
  5. Building Ladders

IV. Scene Shop (those technicians working in the scene shop)

  1. General Tool Safety
  2. Tool Specific Safety