Virtual Zoom links will be provided to participants.


Non-competitive, educational and supportive. Open to any educational vocal jazz ensemble.



  • Each group presents 1-3 pre-recorded live or virtual videos (audio only is an option), and receives feedback during their flight
  • A “flight” is three groups and lasts for 30 minutes X 3 = 90 minutes.
  • Each flight meets in a Zoom meeting room. Only performing students, teacher/accompanist and clinicians will get Zoom invites


Types of participation:

1)      Schools may submit live videos recorded from their classroom, stage, or outdoors.

2)      For schools who started off the year online, or turned online during the school term, they may submit virtual choir videos. Audio only is an option.

3)      Solo Festival, hosted by Christine Guter. Students sing along with accompaniment tracks (found on YouTube, Jamie Aebersold, etc). Students perform in a masterclass format, with comments and critique by the clinician.


What you get for your money:

  • 90 minute “Flight” in a Zoom room with 2 other schools and The Real Group
  • Sing with The Real Group on a virtual choir piece—an all-festival collaboration
  • Participate in up to four different skills workshops with experts
  • The Solo Festival is an additional $20 per student


Festival Size: 24 groups maximum



Click to download the Festival application

Click here for Solo Workshop application

Deadline for Application:
October 16, 2020
No refunds after October 16, 2020

Virtual Concert featuring The Real Group

Sunday, November 8th 1pm- 2:30pm (Concert included with registration)

 Also featuring:

  • Most creative virtual concert presentations from the Flights
  • Best live video presentations from the Flights
  • Virtual performance from the Clinicians
  • Cuesta Voce
  • Virtual performance of all participating groups + members of The Real Group

Registration Fee