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2021-2022 Senate Meetings and Agendas

Date Agendas Minutes
8/26/21 Agenda MInutes
9/2/21 Agenda Minutes
9/16/21 Agenda  Minutes
10/7/21 Agenda  Minutes
10/14/21 Agenda  
10/21/21 Agenda Minutes
10/28/21 Agenda  
11/4/21 Agenda  Minutes
11/18/21 Agenda  Minutes 
12/2/21 Agenda Minutes
1/20/22 Agenda  Minutes
2/3/22 Agenda  Minutes
2/17/22 Agenda Minutes
3/3/22 Agenda Minutes
3/17/22 Agenda  Minutes
4/7/22 Agenda  Minutes
4/21/22 Agenda Minutes 
5/5/22 Agenda   


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Allison Phelps, Activities Assistant,