Why do we have ASCC Officers?

ASCC Officers are tasked with representing the student voice on campus so that administrators, faculty and staff better understand the needs and concerns of the student body. They are members of campus-wide committees, attend conferences to refine their advocacy and leadership skills, plan events and hold meetings every week in which they discuss issues that are relevant to student life. 

They need student feedback! Our current student officers and their contact information is listed below. You can also attend one of their meetings, come by the Student Life and Leadership Office (building 5300) during their office hours or give feedback anonymously through an ASCC Suggestion Box.

 ASCC suggestion boxes are in the following locations:           

- Just inside the electric cafeteria doors

- The Student Success Center lobby

- In the library next to the printers.

Suggestion boxes are emptied on a weekly basis and all
feedback will be read by the ASCC President and ASCC
Advisor, Dr. Anthony Gutierrez.  


ASCC Student Officers 


 Lindsay Bachman
President/Student Trustee

(805)546-3100 x2268


Vice President

(805)546-3100 x2278


Dan Snelling
Finance Director 

(805)546-3100 x2125

Image of ASCC Publicity Director

Kristen Whatley
Publicity Director

(805)546-3100 x2269


Yusbely Medrano
Activities Director

(805)546-3100 x2184


Chole Baly

(805)546-3100 x2126


Christian Olson
Clubs Director 

(805)546-3100 x2183


Trinity Leland
Outreach Director

(805)546-3100 x2413


Cuesta College Student Life & Leadership - San Luis Obispo, Building 5300, in the Student Center
studentlife@cuesta.edu, Phone (805)546-3289/Fax: (805)546-3105

Dr. Anthony Gutierrez, Coordinator, agutierr@cuesta.edu
Shannon Piper, Student Center Assistant, shannon_piper@cuesta.edu
Allison Phelps, Activities Assistant, allison_phelps1@cuesta.edu