Important Information

There are some responsibilities on the part of the student to ensure that you earn your credits.



  1. You must be able to access and use Cuesta's Canvas online courseware system.
    • All class information, assignments, forms, and due dates are found on Canvas.
    • From the first week of class, you will need to access this system.


2. You must complete all required forms for this program. Your failure to do so by the deadlines could result in your being dropped from the class. Please monitor this carefully.


3. You will be working with your employer and faculty advisor to establish three SMART learning objectives for the course.

    • The learning objectives will be developed "cooperatively" and will be used to help improve your skills over the course of the term.
    • You will be graded in your ability to develop these objectives and successfully achieve them.
    • The completion of your objectives will be assessed by your employer/supervisor as well as your faculty advisor.


4. There is a required "job site visit."

    • You will meet with your faculty advisor and your employer/supervisor early in the course to ensure that everyone understands the requirements of the course/establish your learning objectives.


5. Your supervisor will be asked to evaluate you twice during the term.

  • Once during a "mid-term" check.
  • Again at the end of the term with a final evaluation of your ability to meet your objectives/certify the time that you worked during the term.


6. You will be asked to complete a reflective essay at the end of the term. You will discuss:

    • Your learning objectives.
    • What you accomplished.
    • How this experience can enhance your future career as well as your personal and professional skill sets.


7. You will also be assessed in your:

    • Organizational skills
    • Your responsiveness to messages and communications from your advisor.
    • Your ability to meet deadlines.
    • The quality of the work you put into completing forms and the final essay.