The following information is for all students interested in how to get credit for working:

There are two different WEXP courses- General  WEXP 251 and Occupational WEXP 252 (for jobs related to your major/ career pathway). 

Several sections (CRNs) are available for each WEXP course. The section you choose will depend on: If you are taking general or occupational work experience, how many hours you are working per week, and if you want to participate in the full-term or late-start WEXP class. 

There are NO WEEKLY CLASSES to attend. However, there are some requirements each WEXP student must meet:

  • Students in auto-specific internships register in the ATCH 252 course.
  • Students in business-specific internships register in the BUS 253 course.
  • If your job is related to a major that is not listed above please contact Work Experience.

All internships need to be approved by an internship coordinator prior to the beginning of classes. Please contact if you are looking for a Work Experience class in your major/area of study.

To find WEXP courses that are currently available, visit our Search for Classes webpage. 

For any additional questions regarding WEXP courses, email

If you are currently looking for an internship to couple with a work experience course, you can access your free JobSpeaker account to view available opportunities by searching "Internship" or "Work Experience".