Cuesta College does not offer a F-1 Visa English language training program.  You must be English language proficient.

  1. Submit a Cuesta College Admission Application
    You will receive an email from Cuesta Admissions with your Cuesta student ID number
  2. Submit a copy of your I-20
  3. Submit a copy of your F1 Visa and your passport
  4. Submit letter (PDF) from the current school that issued your I-20:
     Verifying your F-1 status
    √ Authorizing attendance at Cuesta College
    √ Confirming class/es to be taken at Cuesta and intended term

Submit documents above to the Cuesta College Admissions Office as follows.   Please provide your Cuesta Student ID number with your documentation.

⇒ In-Person to a Registration Center
⇒ By Fax:  (805) 546-3975
⇒ By PDF email attachment to  (No photographs.)
⇒ By Mail:  Cuesta College Admissions Office, PO Box 8106, San Luis Obispo CA 93403-8106

Check your myCuesta student email for follow-up notification.

Questions?  Contact the Cuesta College Admissions Office at (805) 546-3140 or email