We are excited to offer a comprehensive health plan for our international students!

As you may know, health insurance is a requirement of your enrollment at Cuesta College. Insurance is an important part of maximizing your educational experience in the United States so you can stay healthy and enjoy your experience here on campus.

Confusion about Finding a Plan?

As regulations change in the U.S. and in the state of California, we understand that it has become more confusing for our international students to secure an insurance plan that appropriately covers them throughout their studies here at Cuesta. We strongly believe that the best interest of our international student body is not being met by the insurance plans being purchased recently, and we have listened to countless requests from students for the college to provide a plan that best fits their medical needs.

No More Uncertainty with this New, Unified Plan!

Our students’ health and education will always be our main priority. In order to serve this mission and to create a more streamlined process on campus, Cuesta College requires and enrolls all F-1 international students in an insurance plan through Relation Insurance Services.   

How to Buy the Plan: It's so easy!

Cuesta College will enroll you automatically each semester of attendance.

Fall Term: $751.25

August 1 - December 31

Spring Term: $751.25

January 1 - May 30

Summer Term (optional): $300.50

June 1 - July 31

You will see a line item for insurance when you pay for your tuition in your myCuesta student portal.  Once your insurance is paid, you will be able to register for classes. 

If you are currently covered under a different comprehensive plan, a waiver may be considered, on a case-by-case basis.

*Brochure of coverage details can be found at top of page.


Q: What does the health insurance International students cover (include)?

This plan provides excellent protection for our students with a maximum benefit of $600,000 per injury or illness and 90% coverage for most physician and services when using a First Health Network provider, after applicable copays.  You will be able to see a doctor for only a $25 copay and visit the emergency room for a $100 copay.  Prescriptions can be filled at Express Scripts participating pharmacies with a $20 copay for generic and $50 copay for Brand name drugs.  Oral contraceptives are covered with a $15 copayment.

Q. Will pre-existing conditions be covered by this insurance?

This plan does not pay for services due to pre-existing conditions during the first 6 months of coverage. Pre-existing conditions are any medical condition treated within the past 6 months prior to the insurance effective date. 

Q. Where can I find more information?

For more information on the insurance plan, please visit the Relation Insurance website.  Here you can download the plan summary and read more about the plan benefits and exclusions. 

Q. How do I enroll in the coverage and obtain my medical ID card?

Eligible students will be automatically enrolled in the insurance plan during Fall and Spring Terms.

For Summer enrollment visit www.coverage2u.com, to enroll online with a credit card.

Once you are enrolled, you can register online to download your insurance ID card.  No other ID card will be mailed to you.

Carry your ID card with you at all times! You will need to present your card when you receive treatment.  If you need help, please call Relation Customer Service at (888) 388-0931.

Q. How do I locate a First Health Network Provider?

Please visit www.myfirsthealth.com and follow the prompts for a list of participating providers.  You will be able to select the type of provider (doctor, hospital, urgent care, etc.) as well as narrow the search by entering your zip code and preferred radius.