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Upcoming Career/Major Exploration Workshops

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Personality & Major Exploration

Come learn about you! Explore your personality and how it relates to major and career possibilities free of expectation and pressure. We will discuss shedding societal pressures and standards/expectations for major/career selection and decision-making. We will begin to explore individual patterns, developing language to describe how we operate in the world through the context of career potential and choice.


What Can I Do With My Associates Degree?

Major Confusion! (Choosing Your Transfer Major)

Not sure about your major, career or transfer opportunities, or unsure about how general educational courses and major ones work together? Attend our workshop! Come learn about how you can utilize your General Education Courses to explore majors and career opportunities!


Green Jobs: Careers That Help Save the Planet

Do you dream of reversing climate change or saving forests? Do you want your career to help heal the planet? Come join a career counselor who will guide a discussion on choosing a career path that helps improve the future of our planet.


OUTDOOR JOBS: Careers for people who don’t want to sit at a computer all day!

Sitting is the new smoking! We’ve all heard that yet many if not most jobs require sitting at a computer all day. What to do? Do you love being outside in nature? If you want to prioritize being active, on your feet, and possibly even working outdoors, come join a career counselor who will guide a discussion about which careers incorporate movement into your work day.