Cuesta College participates in the Central Coast Study Abroad Consortium, which is run through Santa Barbara City College. Cuesta College students may participate in any of the consortium programs. Program information, brochures, and applications are available in the Cuesta College Transfer Center or

Programs at SBCC have all been created with students in mind, and that means different destinations, classes that transfer units to universities, and excursions that will immerse you into the cultures abroad. Not to forget, the program cost is up to 50% or less than the cost of a study abroad program at a 4-year institution! With many scholarships available to study abroad, it's something that can be attainable for you!

Upcoming Programs


Fall 2022

Spend the fall 2022 semester in London, one of the oldest, most exciting cities in Europe. 

During this Study Abroad program, you will live in London, come to know the city and its people, and learn a way of understanding cities that you can take with you as you travel during fall semester and into the future.

On foot and through texts, including plays, you will gain a sense of the history of the city and the British sensibility.  You’ll have the chance to delve into the British Theatre scene, attending plays and trying your hand at being a drama critic.  Your other classes will include a history course that will help you understand contemporary Europe and Brexit, and an Art History course where your classroom will be some of the finest museums in the world.  

This Study Abroad program provides you an integrated set of classes that will enable you to come to your own understanding of the UK, while encouraging you to make friends and explore new places.  You will drink tea, travel on the Thames, watch plays, and explore.  Excursions will be offered to Oxford, Stratford-Upon-Avon, and Scotland, and you are encouraged to travel. Above all, the goal of the semester is that you truly come to know the city and the country not as a tourist, but as someone who has lived there. 


Film Studies, Communication in Tokyo, Japan
Learn the concepts and principles of Intercultural Communication as they experience the "old and new" and "urban and rural" Japan. Study the work of classical and contemporary Japanese film directors and how their work has advanced the international art of cinema.

Costa Rica

Surfing, Stretching & Relaxation, Spanish Grammar in Costa Rica
Sally Saenger will take students to an unforgettable summer of water activities and other adventures in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

The Transfer Center has additional information, including catalogs, brochures, and applications for the programs listed below. Cuesta students may participate in any of these programs:

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