Cuesta College participates in the Central Coast Study Abroad Consortium, which is run through Santa Barbara City College. Cuesta College students may participate in any of the consortium programs. Program information, brochures, and applications are available in the Cuesta College Transfer Center or

Programs at SBCC have all been created with students in mind, and that means different destinations, classes that transfer units to universities, and excursions that will immerse you into the cultures abroad. Not to forget, the program cost is up to 50% or less than the cost of a study abroad program at a 4-year institution! With many scholarships available to study abroad, it's something that can be attainable for you!

Marine Biology, Sociology, and Anthropology in Bali, Spring 2022

Your academic portion includes four classes for a total of 14 units while you are abroad. Here are the details:

BIOL 125 Marine Biology (4 Units)
Study of marine plants and animals, with emphasis on local organisms and their ecological adaptations. Laboratory includes visits to local coastal and marine ecosystems.

SBCC General Education: SBCCGE Area A. Transfer Information: CSUGE Area B2, CSUGE Area B3, IGETC Area 5B, IGETC Area 5C, CSU Transferable, UC Transferable.

Note: Course may be replaced with BIOL 124 (Biological Oceanography) if BIO 125 has already been taken

ERTH 151 Introductory Physical Oceanography (3 Units)
Designed for students desiring a broadly-based analysis of the physical aspects of the oceans. Study of the origin of the continents and oceans, marine geology, chemistry of seawater, currents, waves, tides and the ocean environment. Required of Marine Science majors.

SBCC General Education: SBCCGE Area A Lecture. Transfer Information: CSUGE Area B1, IGETC Area 5A, CSU Transferable, UC Transferable.

SOC 118 Media, Culture and Society (3 Units)
Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 110 or ENG 110H.
Critical examination of the media and culture from a sociological perspective. Focuses on how the media is shaped and influenced by society, culture and the individual. Covers a variety of topics, including the role of media in ideology and identity; economics and politics; race, class and gender; social change, technology, and globalization.

SBCC General Education: SBCCGE Area B. Transfer Information: CSUGE Area D0, CSUGE Area D7, IGETC Area 4G, CSU Transferable, UC Transferable.

ANTH 113 Witchcraft, Magic, Science And Religion (3 Units)
Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 110 or ENG 110H.
Introductory course designed to examine belief systems of a wide variety of cultures around the world. SBCC General Education: SBCCGE Area B, SBCCGE Area E5. Transfer Information: CSUGE Area D1, IGETC Area 4A, CSU Transferable, UC Transferable.

Please note: The program will include on-campus and/or remote instruction in January-February 2022 with the exact dates to be determined by SBCC

The Transfer Center has additional information, including catalogs, brochures, and applications for the programs listed below. Cuesta students may participate in any of these programs:

California Colleges for International Education
California State University International Programs
Cal Poly International Education Programs
University of California Education Abroad Program
University Study Abroad Consortium
ACCENT International Education Organization
Cultural Experiences Abroad
American Institute for Foreign Study