C6 LSAMP Goals

Two primary goals of the C6 alliances are to:

  1. Increase the success rates of underrepresented minority (URM) STEM students.
  2. Increase the number of C6 LSAMP students transferring to STEM degrees at 4-year universities.


Cuesta's LSAMP Goals

The Cuesta LSAMP program goals are to:

  1. Generate a sense of belonging in STEM.
  2. Create of a STEM community and peer network on campus.


LSAMP Program Benefits

The Cuesta LSAMP program provides the following various academic and non-academic support resources: 

  • Tutoring: Embedded tutors are placed in the following gateway courses Physics 208A, Chemistry 201A, Math 242 and Math 265A.
  • Transfer support: In addition to providing transfer workshops, we also provide one on one support with all the steps of the transfer process.
  • Scholarship and internship support: In addition to providing workshops on applying to scholarships and internships, we also provide one-on-one support in finding and applying to these types of opportunities.
  • Research opportunities: In addition to guiding students to research opportunities, we also provide funding for on campus research internships.
  • Social Support and Community: We have biweekly group luncheon gatherings on Friday afternoons.  Check out the Current Events page for specific dates, times and location.
  • Professional Development and Networking:  The program provides opportunities to attend conferences and mentorship workshops which include industry partners.
  • Non-academic support:  In addition to workshops, we provide guidance to all basic needs resources at Cuesta.

C6 LSAMP is funded by the National Science Foundation, Award No. 2110112.

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