Vision statement

LLN envisions a strong network for Latinas within the California Community College system guided by diverse leadership at all levels that supports and fosters exemplary and equitable educational and employment opportunities.


The LLN is a mutual support and advocacy organization committed to creating a space for sharing high impact practices in addressing equity, diversity, and social justice issued faced by the Latinx community. We come together to harness collective experiences and foster inclusionary practices through cultural unity.


The Latina Leadership Network (LLN) is the first Latina nonprofit organization within the California Community College system.
The organization was founded in June 1987 when Olga Arenivar, Betty Cotton, Cecilia Alvarado Cuter, and Irma Alvarez convened a conference to develop Latina leadership in the California Community Colleges and to
increase the number of Latinas throughout the system.

Who we serve

  • Underrepresented students
  • An average of 38% students

Why we serve them

To ensure that historically underrepresented groups in higher education have equal opportunity for success.

How we serve them

  • Finding resources to support student academic goals.
    Offering scholarships to students in need.
  • Mentoring underrepresented students in achieving their goals.
  • Educational advancement and developing leadership skills.
  • Bringing awareness and collaborating with faculty, staff and the community of the importance of helping underrepresented

Our Accomplishments

  • 2019 Latinx Graduation Reception
  • LLN 2018 College/District of the Year Award
  • 2016 Cuesta College Spirit Award
  • LLN Scholarship Endowment
  • In-person & Webinar UndocuAlly Trainings
  • Educate Conference
  • Outdoor Leadership Adventure - Camping Trip and Many More!!!


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