I can't login, how do I unlock/reset my Cuesta password and/or update my Cuesta account information?


 Please refer to the Manage your Cuesta Account handout for step by step directions. 

How do I add a printer?


Please refer to the Add a Printer handout for step by step directions. 

How do I connect to Wi-Fi/email on my phone/mobile device?


Please choose one of the following, according to the type of device your have, for step by step directions:

How do I clear my cache?

When returning to a recently visited website, your browser often displays the information stored in cache. Although this can eliminate the time taken to re-download from a site, at times it can cause browser errors. Clearing the browser cache will help to guarantee a fresh download to the webpage, and may fix browser errors. 

Please refer to the Clean Temporary File from Browser Cache handout for directions on how to clear your cache. 

Why is my computer taking so long to start up and why is it running so slow lately?

In order to keep Cuesta computers working proficiently, the IT department frequently pushes out updates to your computer. If your computer does not get rebooted on a regular basis, the updates can get backed up and may cause your computer to run slow. 

To ensure you keep a clean computer we suggest that you reboot your computer at the end of each day/shift, as opposed to signing out/logging off or shutting down. 

Rebooting your computer is also a good trouble shooting technique when you are experiencing a computer issue. If your computer is backed up on receiving updates it may require more than one reboot. 

If your computer is taking a long time to start up, it may be receiving a recently deployed update, please try to be patient and give the computer the time it needs. However, if you are rebooting regularly, long start up times should only be an occasional occurrence, so please reach out to IT, by placing a work order, if you continue to experience slowness on a regular basis.  

Each time I login to my Cuesta account I have to wait for a passcode to be sent to me. Can I change my account settings, so I don't have to receive a passcode each time I login?

YES! If you are needing to enter a One Time Passcode (OTP) each time you login, after entering your username and password, it is likely due to you unknowingly electing the multi-factor authentication option during the enrollment process. 

To change your account settings:

  1. Login to myCuesta with your username and password (you will also need to enter the OTP for this initial login until your account is updated)
  2. Click on the My Account link in the upper left of the myCuesta screen
  3. From the Account Management page, click on the Enable/Disable Multi-Factor to expand
  4. You should see the option to "Disable Multi-Factor on your account