• Permit Enforcement

Parking permit enforcement begins the second week of each semester. (Fall, Spring & Summer) 

Parking is enforced Monday-Saturday, Sundays are free parking.

All vehicles are required to properly display a valid Daily Permit or Current Semester parking permit when parked on campus.

  • Picking up your Semester Permit

Student Parking Permit Price (Fall/Spring: *$35.00) (Summer $15.00) 

Types of payments: Charge to student account, Check,Cash)

In order to recieve your semester parking permit, a vehicle registration from must be completed.

*$30 Fall/Spring Permit Fee For California College Promise Grant (Formally BOG) reciepients. Recipients of CCPG MUST contact CCPD for $5 Parking Permit Waiver.

  • Where Can I pick up my Semester Permit?

Campus Police Building 6600a SLO, Cashiers Office 3100 SLO, and Campus Police Building 1021 Paso Robles.

  • When Can I pick up my Semester Permit?

Student semester parking permits may be purchased during registration periods and throughout the semester.

  • I ordered my permit online

Simply fill out the vehicle registration form and bring it into one of the offices listed above. Our staff will get you your permit whether or not you've paid for it yet.


Where should my permit be displayed?

Student semester permits must be clearly displayed in the following methods:

a.  Permanently affixed on the interior lower right corner of the front windshield.

b.  Suspended from the rearview mirror on/in a plastic hanger.  Permit should be facing forwards, toward the front of the vehicle so it can be seen if standing in front of the car.

c.  Motorcycles or mopeds must display permits on the front forks or cowling.


  • I'm only going to be here for an hour.

Solution, see picture below. Parking Lots 2, 3, Admin Loop, 4, 5, and 6 for SLO and Lot 10 and 11 at Paso Robles.

Forms of payment: Apple Pay, Android Pay, Credit Cards and (1$) Bills. (No, it doesn't take coins, or give change. If you need one, please visit us so we can help you.)

Daily parking permits can be purchased for $3/day from the self-serve dispenser machines. Permits must be properly displayed face up on the dashboard so that the date-of-purchase is visible.

Parking permit dispenser


  • Other Parking

-Disabled Parking

Disabled parking is available in each of the paved lots.  Students and staff that park in disabled parking spaces must display a  valid Cuesta parking permit and a valid disabled placard issued from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  In the event that accessible parking is unavailable, the driver may park in the nearby staff or time limited parking spaces with a valid parking permit and disabled placard properly displayed and visible at all times.

Visitors displaying a valid DMV-issued disabled placard may park without a Cuesta parking permit in disabled parking spaces that are designated "Visitor Only".  Failure to visibly display a valid DMV-issued disabled placard may result in a citation and fine, per DMV regulation.

Please Note, a Visitor is one who is not participating in classes, activities or events on campus.

-20 Minute Parking

You won't need a Parking Permit to park in a 20 minute stall, however, you've only got 20 minutes. Any longer than that and it will result in a parking citation. These stalls are meant for people who need to take care of something quickly on campus. 

Here are some good examples: Purchasing a parking permit (when the line isn't long), Grabbing a scantron from the bookstore, Dropping off a homework assignment to your teacher, Stopping by for a quick hello to your friend, Grabbing a bite to-go from the cafeteria.... etc.

Here are some bad examples: Parking there so you can attend class, trying to register for classes or see a counselor, Parking there for longer than 20 minutes, Parking there for the day, Parking there because you want to avoid buying a Permit, Parking there to have a long sit down lunch at the cafeteria.... etc. 

We closely monitor those stalls because we want them to be accessable for the right reasons, so please don't abuse it.