The Cuesta College Police Department provides FREE services to Cuesta College students and employees that include vehicle unlocks and battery jumpstarts.

If you're having problems, feel free to flag down an officer or call us and we will gladly provide assistance.

San Luis Obispo Campus
Building:  7500
Phone:  (805) 546-3205

North County Campus
Campus Center, 1st floor, Room N1021
Phone:  (805) 591-6205


In order to receive services you must complete a Vehicle Unlock/Jumpstart form. This form will either be supplied by the officer or must be picked up from building 6600A.


I hereby authorize Cuesta College Police Department to provide a vehicle unlock or battery jumpstart.  I understand that in providing this service there could be damage to my vehicle, such as scratching or scraping of paint, breaking of windows or trouble with hood latches, locks, or wiring.


I am fully aware that having Cuesta College Police Department personnel, or using their equipment, to unlock my vehicle may cause damage to my electric locks or to my vehicle computer system.  Knowing these facts, I still request an attempt be made to unlock my vehicle.

I have read and agree with the conditions stated on this form. I further agree to hold the San Luis Obispo Community College District (CuestaCollege) and its employees not liable of any damage to my vehicle including but not limited to: doors, locks, windows, and electrical systems that may be caused in the performance of this service.