Goal 1: Institutional Leadership
1.1 Lead college effort to maintain fully accredited status with ACCJC
1.2 Engage the campus and community in planning to increase access to high quality educational programs in the South County
1.3 Lead integration of Guided Pathways into existing governance, decision-making, and planning structures
1.4 Expand professional development fundamental to the growth of managers, deans, and executive leaders
1.5 Support efforts to resolve grievances, complaints, and legal matters brought forward
1.6 Continue effort to increase access to bachelor degree programs
1.7 Foster a campus culture that values innovation
Goal 2: Resource Development and Stewardship
2.1 Lead institutional strategies to increase FTES
2.2 Support strategies for effective budget reduction
2.3 Lead exploration and development of alternative sources of revenue
2.4 Engagement with the Foundation Board of Directors
Goal 3: Planning
3.1 Maintain currency of institutional plans
3.2 Support resource allocation in alignment with institutional plans
3.3 Lead and direct Measure L planning to maximize long range impact of bond resources through alignment of facilities with college program needs
3.4 Lead development of an educational site plan to expand access to higher education in the South County
Goal 4: Communication
4.1 Provide timely communication to the Board of Trustees on high risk matters
4.2 Communicate regularly with the campus to foster community, recognize achievement, maintain a culture of accreditation, and increase awareness of efforts across campus to enhance student success and completion
4.3 Ensure regular communication with the community via multiple channels including print, email, social media, and college website.
4.4 Implement open forum opportunities
Goal 5: Partnerships and Community Relations
5.1 Foster and expand partnerships with regional governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, K-12 districts, and business entities
5.2 Engage with the community to maintain and enhance the visibility of Cuesta College
5.3 Establish and maintain relationships with local, state, and federal representatives

Adopted by Board of Trustees: August 7, 2019