Friday, January 12, 2024



Introduction of New Employees

Recognition and Excellence Awards

  • Elaine Holley Coats Service Excellence Award | Bob Richerson and Scott DeMello
  • Adjunct Excellence in Teaching or Service Award (presented by Dr. Matthew Davis) | Alex Espinoza-Kulick 
  • Peter and M'May Diffley Award for Faculty Excellence (presented by Dr. Alex Kahane) | Dr. Silvio Favoreto 

Area Highlights and Updates

  • Enrollment, Mission, and Baccalaureate Degree | Dr. Jason Curtis, Asst. Sup't. / VP, Instruction
  • Fiscal, Facilities, and Technology | Dan Troy, Asst. Sup't. / VP, Administrative Services
  • Human Resources | Melissa Richerson, Asst. Sup't. / VP, Human Resources
  • Caring Campus, Guided Pathways, and SSSP | Dr. Elizabeth Coria, Asst. Sup't / VP, SSSP
  • Aspen Prize, Institutional Performance, 16-week Calendar | Dr. Jill Stearns, Superintendent / President
  • J.E.D.I. Academy