Introduction of New Employees

Awards and Recognition

  • Milestones
  • Classified Employee of the Year, Kristina Vastine
  • Management Senate Employee of the Year, Madeline Medeiros Taylor
  • Academic Employee of the Year, Thea Labrenz
  • Dr. Marie E. Rosenwasser President's Leadership Award, Heather Tucker
  • Teaching Excellence Awarded, Beth Ann Dumas - presented by Wes Sims, Academic Senate President

Area Highlights and Updates

  • Dr. Jill Stearns, Superintendent / President
  • Melissa Richerson, Assistant Superintendent / VP, Human Resources & Labor Relations
  • Dan Troy, Assistant Superintendent / VP, Administrative Services
  • Dr. Elizabeth Coria, Assistant Superintendent / VP, Student Success & Support Programs
  • Dr. Jason Curtis, Assistant Superintendent / VP, Instruction

Fall Operations - Executive Group