Dr. Jason Curtis,  Ph.D.
  Assistant Superintendent/Vice President

Melinda Weaver, Administrative Assistant

Mylea Christensen, Secretary III


Functions of the Office of Instruction (Formerly Academic Affairs)

The functions of the Office of Instruction are to provide leadership and coordination for all instructional programs, including both credit and fee-based programs.  The department is also responsible for coordinating and supervising the Library/Learning Resources and Institutional Research departments. 

The Office of Instruction provides support for curriculum development, class schedule development, catalog development, accreditation self-study, staff development, and FLEX activities development. 

The Office of Instruction seeks to support faculty through orientation and training. It also leads the Curriculum Committee and serves as the Accreditation Liaison for Cuesta College.

Deans of Instruction

  • Dr. Genevieve Siwabessy, Ed.D., Interim Dean of Instruction for Applied Behavioral Sciences, Business Education, Engineering & Technology, Kinesiology, and Health Sciences
  • Madeline Medeiros, Dean of Instruction for Arts, Humanities , and Social Sciences
  • Dr. Oscar Ramos, Ed.D., Dean of Instruction for English & Mathematics
  • Susan Kline, Interim Dean of Instruction for Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Nursing & Allied Health
  • Dr. Ryan Cartnal, Ph.D., Dean of  Instruction for Research, Grants & Community Engagement
  • Vacant, Associate Dean of Student Equity & Special Programs

Directors of Instruction

  • Lexie Bell, Executive Director of Institutional Grants
  • Mia Ruiz, Director of Continuing Education and Special Programs
  • Marcia Scott, Director of Nursing
  • Tania Coulombe, Director of Paramedic Programs
  • Robert Mariucci, Director of Athletics
  • Madelyn Chevalier, Interim Director of Cuesta Children's Center
  • Dr. Matthew Green, Ph.D., Director of Community Engagement & Dual Enrollment
  • Kristina Vastine, Associate Director of Dual Enrollment
  • Alicia Paniagua, Associate Director of South County Programs
  • Shelly Ingram, Associate Director of Varian Ranch Education Center


Office of Instruction Phone Numbers List (as of Spring 2022)

Office of Instruction Organizational Chart

P.O. Box 8106, San Luis Obispo, CA  93403-8106
Phone: (805) 546-3122   FAX: (805) 546-3966
Room 3160 (in the 3100 building) on the San Luis Obispo campus