The California Education Code (section 66300) requires every community college governing board to adopt specific rules governing student behavior along with applicable penalties for violation of such rules. Students enrolling at Cuesta College assume an obligation to abide by all College regulations.

The Office of the Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Success & Support Programs is for responsible for acting on behalf of the College in matters of student discipline. The Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Success & Support Programs is the Student Code of Conduct Officer of the College and shall be responsible for enforcing rules and regulations for all activities of students at times and places when students are under college jurisdiction.

It is the purpose of the student code of conduct system to further the educational mission of the College by resolving alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct and other applicable policies regarding student behavior. Cuesta College provides a student the opportunity to address the allegations as laid out in the Due Process procedures.

All students are expected to behave themselves honorably in all endeavors they undertake as students at the College. Our student disciplinary process exists to set a standard for behavior on any District site or elsewhere off-site during a College-sponsored activity or event, or through any online interaction the student may have with another member of the campus community. Conduct that is determined to impair, interfere with, or obstruct the opportunities of others to learn or that disrupts the mission, processes, or orderly functions of the College will be deemed misconduct and shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. It is not meant to replace or substitute for the Federal or State legal system or other legal avenues. 

Our processes are designed to educate and, where appropriate, sanction those students who violate College regulations. We seek both to promote a student’s sense of responsibility by enforcing accountability, and to protect our community, when necessary, which may mean removing or restricting those who pose a threat to others. Our intention is to emphasize the peaceful and productive handling of conflict as much as possible and where appropriate. We strive to be a safe, helpful and efficient resource for the entire Cuesta Community.