A.A.-T, Psychology

A.A., Psychology


Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes that provide the basis of life experience. Students learn to examine psychological processes from multiple perspectives and apply psychological principles and methods to personal and social issues in ways that promote self-understanding, personal development and effective interpersonal relationships as members of a diverse society.

The Psychology program provides students with an understanding of the content, methods and applications of psychology that prepares them to pursue a Psychology Degree or career in a growing variety of fields.


An Associate Degree, depending on the focus of study, is designed to prepare students for transfer into upper division course work in a bachelor’s degree program, or, to prepare students to enter the workforce in a particular vocational field. To qualify for an Associate’s Degree, a student must:

(1) complete each major-specific course required for the degree with at least a "C" grade or better,

(2) complete all Cuesta College general education, graduation and residency requirements,

(3) achieve an overall grade point average of 2.0 for all courses attempted (major, general education, elective), and

(4) submit an Associate’s Degree Application to Admissions and Records.



Administrator Psychometrist
Behavior Analyst Public Health Statistician Trainee
Career Counselor Research Analyst
Community College Counselor Research Director
Community College Instructor Research Technician
Drug Abuse Counselor Social Research Trainee
Employment Counselor Social Services Director
Forensic Psychologist Space Psychologist
Human Factors Specialist Sports Psychologist
Marriage and Family Therapist Student Affairs Officer
Marriage, Family, Child Counselor Survey Designer
Mental Health Worker Test Validation and Development Specialist
Outreach Worker Therapist
Personnel Analyst Training Officer
Personnel Analyst/Manager Training Specialist
Personnel Management Specialist University Professor
Probation Officer  
Psychiatric Aide  


Degree/Certificate Types:
A.A. - Associate in Arts C.A. - Certificate of Achievement
A.S. - Associate in Science C.S. - Certificate of Specialization
A.A.-T. - Associate in Arts for Transfer C.C. - Certificate of Completion (Non Credit)
A.S.-T. - Associate in Science for Transfer