Pathway Steps:

Do you want to complete a Paraprofessional degree, or not sure if you want to teach Middle or High School?
Our AA in Paraprofessional Educator/Preteaching is a good option for you.
Students following this pathway will need to follow destination transfer school GE Pattern. 
Be sure to take the Single Subject Teacher Concentration of this degree 



Click here for more detailed information on the above steps (PDF)

Click here for the Middle or High School Teacher Pathway Flyer (PDF)

Click here for a flyer for students promoting our Middle and High School Pathway (PDF)


More detailed information is currently available for the following three pathways:

If you would like more information or have questions about the Middle or High School Teacher Pathway, the AA-T/AS-T degree requirements, or the transfer process to your BA/BS major, contact the Counseling Department 805-546-3138(SLO) or 805-591-6241(NCC).